The story behind Millionaire Mr. Worku Aytenew

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The story behind Millionaire Mr. Worku Aytenew wa oil factory richest ethiopian in the world biggest companies in ethiopia number of millionaires in ethiopia ethiopian billionaire in washington dc mohammed al amoudi net worth what is considered rich in ethiopia sunshine real estate ethiopia owner orchid business group top 10 richest peoples belayneh kindie oil factory tewodros ashenafi successful entrepreneurs in ethiopia pdf worku aytenew wedding worku aytenew photos worku aytenew ethiopia worku aytenew import export & transport worku aytenew pictures worku aytenew net worth werku aytenew belayneh kindie 

Viral news

    Ihaven`t any capital how can I gain?

  • kibru sahile

    Can I get worku aytenews phone number

  • Miki

    Adenakik ngn betem be hiwot lay Yale eyeta yasegeremegnal

  • Ermias

    His birth place is not Debre Markos it is Debre Werk.

  • Mike

    Wish you all the best keep working hard

  • ሄቨን

    የምር ብዙ ሞክሬ ያልተሳካላት ነጋዴ ነኝ ለምን አቅጣጫ አታሳየኝም ፣ ምክር።።።።0940144547

  • Edmealem Ayalew

    I would like to share my computer programming applications to your business needs on normal personal computer. If you wish, You can contact me by phone 0911-15-57-15 or email [email protected]

  • Tsehay tarekegn

    Jegna neh yemngizem adnakih

  • anounimes

    werku aytenew leba new

  • Meee

    What the hell