Ethiopia: Teacher Taye Bogagel uses the three information uses to expose.

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A historian teaching fourth-grade historian Taye Bogel :) He has revealed a serious secret about Jaguar. (Wait, this is a new line)


At the moment, Taye Jawar, who wears a white wig and wears a black wool sweater, is convinced that his father is Mine. In fact, before this information came out, I myself suspected that Jawir was of Yemeni descent :)


If you have been listening to Jawaz, he often uses the "al" character. On top of that, the cheetahs look like the "Fiesel Allan" of the Yemeni singer :) As I was told, Jawar loved his Oromia landscape when he came to enjoy his company with his father. It started to drip with the air. He fell in love with the cold sauces that sit in large pots :) Then he said in English, "Oromia Alarm Fries." Meaning "Oromia forget me right now" This is exactly what the photo of Jawhar came to Ethiopia. :)


Ah, Taye Bogol, don't play the soul of this poor people! : DYe BMN Founder and Executor: 1: Open a Facebook account and insult a person

2: In collaboration with previous leaders in the path of nation

3 For example, Mr. Solomon Abkomms, who denies his nation when they find their own silver and whomever they find in their own language, has been barred by the translator and banned from taking photos of others in the Beng Maji zone. It is organized by his brother, brother, who is in the Gare region, with the money he got from the public sector. Sincerity when he saw a door is opened on the Union? Goodbye to come up with another story

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