Shukshukta - Zehabesha Daily News about Dr Debretsion and Current Tigray

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Shukshukta  -  Zehabesha Daily News about Dr Debretsion and Current Tigray

As you know, jobs are down in the city. When I was dragged on, I tried not to let everyone in the Ace grocery store buy me a beer now, so I drank it :) As soon as I got hot I started arguing with anyone who sold me a beer :)

(Who hasn't been fighting for it? The politics itself have been criticized. I heard in our last neighborhood that the children from other neighborhoods would not dance in my hoia in my area. "


In any case, we won't give up, even if the business is cold. I'm about to start selling an online sheep for the holidays :) I'll probably make an ad and run it ...


Do not worry, "Is their meat tasty?" Because we have been brought up by trained shepherds. Our sheep testify that they have grown as they feed the fruits they want from the fridge because they are so well trained. We also drink bottled water, and their kidneys produce good pumpkin. :)

Also, for our sheep, their personality is beautiful as we have led scholars who are indifferent to Dr. Mercy :)

To the one who would buy us two sheep, we would buy one pound of silver. We will place a flag at the back of the sheep for a consumer who believes in national federalism.


Our goal is .... sell that lamb :)

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