Ethiopia: What happens in Jimma?

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** Now there is an attack on the church and the Christians at Jimma **


** Unified children are waiting for their church not to burn !!! **


** Let the government reach out to its citizens immediately. Stop giving a heart to blood donors !!!


• Jimma is attacking Orthodox people in the city. While the Muslim parishes were organized in an effort to burn down the church, they were organized by demonic forces, they stood around the gate to prevent our church from burning.


• Jimma: St. Gabriel's Church near the church of Islam has carried out horrific actions against pilgrims. 6 Children stabbed. Some of the perpetrators have been arrested, but all along, the fact that the police have not been there until now !!!


• In Jimma, the tide reigns in all directions The new Orthodox Church on the site of Merkato Market, the people, is waiting for the church to hear the sound of the local Orthodox Orthodox priest who stormed the necks with peace It is an act of barbarism.


Christians promptly provide this information to the relevant government bodies and the general church.


The Lord of hosts is with you. Our members are with you in all things. May the blood of the Christ give you strength.


Hear us, O enemy, whether we live or die, we belong to Christ. We are the children of martyrs, who wait for us with the crown of glory.


Hear, O Gentiles, the strength and the power of the Spirit of God through the martyred.


She loves and honors her children.


Send us information promptly and make it public.


Please make it a quicker access to the person concerned.

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