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  • Ethiopians found coronavirus covid 19 medicine

    It is revealed that medicine is being developed in combination with modern medicine for the Corona Virus Country


      Addis Ababa, March 18, 2012 (FBC) The National Coalition for Cultural Heritage of the Corona Virus is now being developed in combination with modern medicine.


      It is recalled that the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced that the basic research process for the treatment of coronavirus-based indigenous knowledge with modern science has passed through repeated laboratory procedures.


      Currently, the research has also gone through repeated investigations into production and ongoing veterinary and clinical testing activities.


      A statement was made on the issue, and 7,000 of the more than 8,000 plants in the world are found in Ethiopia.


      As a result, the work of integrating traditional culture with modern ones has been intensified, and it is hoped that the search for a combination of traditional and modern drugs for coronavirus has become more promising.


      The search for the drugs is underway in preparation for the World Health Organization and Ethiopian standards, the statement said.


      When the preparations are finalized, it will be announced by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.


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