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    Introduction to Power Ge'ez Thank you for using Power Ge'ez ™! Power Ge'ez ™ is a Windows-based software that allows users to do word-processing in Ethiopic fonts. The software is designed to work with all types of Windows applications. Once installed onto your system, it will reside in memory making itself readily available to all active Windows applications. One of the greatest strength of Power Ge'ez ™ lies in its ability to read and convert documents written in different Ethiopic fonts. In fact, Power Ge'ez ™ is the first Ethiopic software that addressed the question of compatibility with other Ethiopic software packages. The software is capable of translating 17 different types of fonts.


    Power Ge'ez ™ provides two types of keyboard configurations, namely Phonetic and Typewriter Keyboard Configuration. The Typewriter Keyboard Configuration emulates the standard Amharic Typewriter. This keyboard configuration is made for those users who are familiar with Amharic Typewriters. Conversely, to use Phonetic Keyboard Configuration, one does not need to have prior knowledge of the Amharic Typewriter layout. Users can easily type a given word just by analyzing its phonetic pronunciation. The software is compatible with Office 97/2000/XP/2003 and other standard Windows based word-processors. It has proven to work on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP and the new Windows Vista operating systems. Power Ge'ez ™ is a software package easy to understand and can be used by novices as well as experts. In simple terms, Power Ge'ez ™ is the Amharic word-processing companion of your PC excellent for use at work and home.Features of Power Ge'ez  New Feature: Compatible with Windows Vista! Enhanced Automatic Font Recognition: While doing word processing, Power Ge'ez : can detect fonts of other Amharic software packages automatically Comes with UNICODE and non-UNICODE fonts Supports email communication. It can convert documents written in other Ethiopic fonts. Supports sorting and searching Emulates the Phonetic Keyboard Layout of Agafari, Alpas, SAMAWARFA, and Visual Ge'ez. Hence, users who are familiar with these software packages can easily use Power Ge'ez ™. Support for all types of UNICODE fonts and Agafari, AleXEthipian, Alpas, Compose, Ethiopic, Feedel, NCI, NCI2000, SAMAWARFA, and Visual Ge'ez fonts. Two installation licenses on one diskette/CD. Power Ge'ez ™ has proven to work on virtually all Windows applications.What's new in this release This topic allows you to provide information on what's new in this release. This is a useful topic to include for your users who are upgrading from previous versions. If this is the first version of your product, you may not need this topic. When a user clicks on one of the features listed below, the description of the feature drops down below the feature name. Feature 1 Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Text describing Feature 1 Feature 2 Tested on several graphics and word processing applications. Text describing Feature 2 Feature 3 Reported bugs have been fixed. Text describing Feature 3 Feature 4 Database programming facilities. Text describing Feature 4 

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